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Photography & Filming Policy

The filming & photography policies we have in place at Ignite Gymnastics are modified to suit each class, due to the differing structures and age groups of our classes, and the varying involvement of our parents, guardians and spectators. Ignite Gymnastics staff are permitted to take photos and videos of participants should their parent or guardian consent at the time of booking and/or joining us as a monthly member. You have the right to withdraw consent at any time by emailing

For our parents, guardians & spectators, our policies are as follows:

Stay & Play, BabyGym & Parent & Toddler Classes

These classes either require parent/guardian participation and/or have spectators on seating at the side of the hall, for which our policy is:

Photography & filming is permitted during our preschool sessions, provided images and videos do not capture other participants in the background.

Independent Tots & Beginners Classes

These classes require spectators to watch from the side of the hall (Independent Tots) or the balcony that overlooks the hall (Beginners), and therefore our policy is slightly different. We ask that spectators do not attempt to film or photograph as there is more risk of capturing other participants:

Filming and photography is prohibited while classes are in session. Attempting to film your child from the side of the hall or balcony can risk capturing other participants who have not given consent.  If you would like to photograph or film your child please speak with an Ignite member of staff at the end of your child's session as you can do so when other participants have left the gymnastics area.

As a club we will always enforce our photography and filming policy to the best of our ability, however we do ask that our members and class-goers please follow these policies at all times, to allow us to focus on our participants and the quality of our classes.

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